ever after farms, central florida


Stacey & Scott


We got to work as a team (Madi, Tessa, Hector AND Hannah) for Stacey and Scott’s wedding back in our hometown of Central Florida! This was hands-down one of the easiest weddings to capture as photographers AND videographers. There was no stressing over minor details, no 17 different locations or trying to squeeze a million activities into the reception… there was just all of us, enjoying one of the best and carefree weddings days you can imagine! Ever After Farms in Mims, Florida was an awesome location for all of it.

Scott has children from a previous relationship who are relatively grown up, and seeing them all come together as a family unit was actually so emotional. You could feel the love between this untraditional family bond and it was overwhelming.

During the ceremony, Stacey wrote little notes on the back of her notecards in order to put on a show for Scott while she proclaimed her vows to him. And in return, he gave her a show right back by singing and playing a song for her in front of the whole ceremony. And then again, at the reception with a few of his kids…. and then again later on haha! It was the most fun wedding we’ve been apart of in so long and we left on a HIGH that we were chosen to be Stacey and Scott’s wedding photographers and videographers.


Photography: Ector Javier Foto

Venue: Ever After Farms

Dress: Vera Wang


ever after farms arrow signs for ceremony and reception

dress hanging over glass door at ever after barn

side of ever after barn with vintage blue pick up truck

table seating chart and details inside

overhead picture of brides white shoes

bridesmaids grabbing wedding dress

mom and bridesmaids helping bride put on dress

bride making rock and roll signs as friend zips her dress

groom waiting outside near blue truck for first look

bride walking up to groom to surprise him

groom turns around and sees bride for the first time

bride crying groom smiling during first look

bride and groom kissing during their first look

grooms holding brides dress as they enter the barn

groom fixing his suit

bride helping groom with his boutonnieres

groom lovingly staring at bride putting on boutonnieres

bride and groom posing inside ever after barn

bride and groom posing in front of wooden door

bride making rock and roll sign laughing

wooden entrance to ever after farms ceremony site

bride walking down aisle

bride laughing fixing her dress

bride and brother walking down the aisle

groom by the altar smiling and waiting on his bride

bride smiling at her brother as he gives her away

wide shot of ceremony site with a big tree in background

groom singing and playing guitar during ceremony

bride cheering as her groom sings and plays guitar

newlyweds hugging after their first kiss

newlyweds first kiss crowd cheering big tree in background

newlyweds holding hands in the air cheering with bridal party

bride smiling with wedding guest

love notes the bride and groom leave each other

close up of bride and bridal party laughing

entire bridal party posing in front of wooden door

entire bridal party laughing in front of wooden door

bridal party cheering holding drinks

bride and groom walking across green field

newlyweds posing in middle of green field foreheads touching

close up of newlyweds in middle of a field with bride laughing hard

close up newlyweds kissing in middle of field

close up of wedding dress grooms arms around his bride

newlyweds walking thru field bride smiling at her husband

groom grabbing bride by face to kiss her

newlyweds romantically staring at each other hands on her face

close up of groom kissing brides laughing face

family picture in front of wooden door and market lights

Staceys reception view from inside the barn

Staceys dessert table at ever after farms

close up of cupcakes with a sign saying you are the icing to my cupcake

newlyweds reception entrance at ever after farms

newlyweds during their first dance

crowd cheering during first dance

close up of newlyweds doing the floss during first dance

groom and his kids performing a song to bride

groom and four kids hugging bride

bride hugging groom and his kids after performance

family members toasting the newlyweds

newlyweds sitting and holding up beers cheering with crowd

newlyweds hugging passionately on dance floor

bride dancing dropping low

congo line during reception

close up of brides wedding reception sneakers

bride dancing sexy with groom on dance floor

close up of bride passionately kissing groom on dance floor

bride hugging groom and singing loudly

front shot of bride being dipped by husband

bride with hands singing loudly hugging groom

bride and groom exiting thru sparkler exit

newlyweds kissing at end of sparkler exit

groom dips bride in middle of sparkler exit

light trail circles with bride and groom foreheads touching

Sound like the kind of photo/video team you want at your wedding?

Yassss! We like you already ;)