Public Hotel/NYC Courthouse elopement, new york, new york


Ada & Alis

Review from the couple

“Hey, I’m Ada – a person who never…. I repeat NEVER…writes reviews no matter how good or bad the service/product is; so the fact that this is my first piece of feedback says a lot. After my working with Reel Feels Productions, I felt compelled to put into words my experience with the team, specifically Tessa. For the “TL;DR” folks, STOP YOUR SEARCH, SHE’S F*CKING FANTASTIC. For those who want to hear the details, she perfected the 3 biggest phases: planning, the big day, and the final product. THE PLANNING: (A note to the reader, I’m not a fan of those generic wedding videos – I didn’t want it to seem staged, I wanted it to be real.) During my “endless scroll”, I came across Reel Feels Productions; their samples were different – in a sense that they didn’t have a “cookie cutter” way of compiling and taking their videos, each one was extremely personalized – which made them stick out from the others. So I reached out. What I really appreciated was my initial exchange, and I guess this is one of the biggest reasons I decided to go with Reel Feels. Tessa and I, before signing or talking “business”, got to know each other. She quickly felt like someone who was part of my inner circle – we vibed and things just clicked. (She was just as enthusiastic and excited about my big day as I was, and this all the emotions translated via text!) When we did move on to talking about what I was looking for, Tessa was great in addressing every single question I had. She made sure the package was exactly what I wanted and that I was comfortable with everything, without being pushy to get more business. THE BIG DAY: Among the millions of things that were running through my head, the video was not one of them. Tessa got it…almost to a point where I was slightly nervous at how much she “got it”. The first time we met in person was actually on my wedding day. It really was like seeing an old friend – it was so fluid and natural; it didn’t feel professional (in the best way) – she fit right in. Not to mention that EVERY bride needs a Tessa. She’s your “pump-up” girl, your confidence boost, she’s got your back – showering you in endless compliments! Her super positive and “go with the flow” attitude made it very easy for her to engage with both families and seamlessly work with my photographer (even though she hadn’t met anyone prior to this day). The relationships she fostered seemed to make the video that much better! Yet, when it came time to doing her thing, she was like a chameleon – capturing every single moment without interrupting or even being noticed. (Looking at the shots she took afterwards, I was in shock at how much she was able to capture in “stealth” mode. It was as if there was a crew of 5 people helping her – but there wasn’t.) THE PRODUCTION: The final video…my big day mini documentary…couldn’t possibly have been real. When I opened the file and watched it for the first time, I cried – and kept crying after the 10,000 time because frankly it was perfect. I genuinely didn’t feel the need to change a single thing, every single detail was thoughtfully executed, from the edit to the music, to the transition. Tessa was able to capture and condense all the emotions and love of that day into a video I can keep on repeat. I’m very fortunate to have worked with Reel Feels Productions, and look forward to finding a reason to work with them again. SO, book them while they’re still available – I promise you, you won’t regret it.”